Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility: The Local War (Book 3) Now in Editing

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Just wanted to provide an update as I realized it’s been a long stretch since I last posted. Been devoting all my free time to working on Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility: The Local War (Book 3). I finished the first draft of the novel back in late September and am currently working through my four-step edit process. There’s a saying among writers: Writing doesn’t sell, rewriting does.

Step 1: Copy Edit 1: This is where I’m currently working. This edit focuses on significant changes, additions, and deletions. When I write a first draft, I immerse myself in the creative process. That’s great for storytelling, but messy when it comes to scenes, plots and subplots, characterization, settings, and story logic. The first copy edit corrects most of this.

Step 2: Copy Edit 2: I go through the book again, this time with the text fresher in my mind. Here, I mostly make tweaks to the edits from Step 1. Big changes are rare. This step also goes much faster.

Step 3: Line Edit 1: This is the least fun part of the edit process. I turn on “Show Formatting” and go through the story line by line. This step ensures that all the formatting is correct, and helps to catch unwanted spaces, bad commas and other punctuation, poor grammar, and spelling errors that Word doesn’t catch, like rind when I meant ring.

Step 4: Line Edit 2: In this step, I upload my manuscript to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, add the cover, and order a physical author’s copy. Then, I do another line edit. I don’t know what it is, but I catch errors in a physical copy that I never see on a computer screen, typically 50-100 errors. When this step is done, the book is ready to publish.

I don’t have a publish date, yet. Quality matters to me when I buy a book, so I try very hard to ensure my books are as error free as I can make them. I’ll post again when I’m closer to publishing. Have an Awesome day!

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