Mark Mora served in the US Army, worked for the US Navy, provided emergency communications support during disaster responses for almost 20 years (and still does on occasion), and ended up in cybersecurity. A strange, but very rewarding, career path. Since the days of the Apollo program and the original Star Trek, he has loved Science and Fiction—especially when those two passions come together. At the age of six, he became an avid reader of science, history, and eventually, at the age of nine, read the original Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and was hooked on science fiction and fantasy. This love turned into the life goal, now realized, of publishing a novel of his own. He plans to publish many more.

Mark currently lives in Colorado with his wife and three children.

Mark Mora is a pen name. I have a day job, so it allows me to separate that professional work from this professional work.

But it’s also special. I’m adopted. “Mora” was my family name at birth. As was the practice at the time, my birth certificate was reissued under my adoptive parent’s name, making me appear to be their natural child. When I turned 18, the adoption agency provided to me the paperwork where I discovered my original name. Using the pen name “Mora” is a tribute to the culture of my birth.