Note: Key dates in white.

2032 –

Arthur C. Clarke Base, or “Clarke Base,” established as first permanent lunar outpost in Shackleton Crater at Luna’s southern pole.

2033 –

Cyra Dain born in Los Angeles Ruins. Scott Rhoades born in Yorkshire, England, near Stamford Bridge.

2036 –

Farside Station established in Korolev crater on Lunar far side. Becomes main multispectral astronomical observatory site in Sol Star System. Matthew Schermer appointed station’s first Director of Operations.

2036 –

First Martian colony established in lava tube near Olympus Mons. Colony fails in 2037.

2041 –

Tranquility Base established on eastern edge of Sea of Tranquility. Becomes largest city and major tourist hub. Matthew Schermer promoted to Director of Lunar Operations.

2042 –

Second Martian colony established in Valles Marineris.

2049 –

Mysterious repeating signal discovered by Farside Radio Array in outer Sol System. Named “Beacon.”

2050 –

Alien Beacon spacecraft recovered by Kirov spaceship.

2052 –

Kirov delivers Beacon spacecraft to Farside Station on Luna. Boris Leutchenko sole survivor of mission. Examination reveals Beacon spacecraft is a derelict military fighter surprisingly similar in design to advanced human fighters. Peter Rhoades joins investigative team.

2052 –

Space Force Academy founded adjacent to Tranquility Base. Renamed Star Navy Academy in 2070.

2053 –

Linear Star Drive, a faster-than-light warp engine, reverse engineered from Beacon fighter. First human-produced Linear Star Drive engine installed on interplanetary supply ship Stellar Explorer. Beacon fighter also provides bearing of its last intended jump, though no other navigational data. Barbara Gardner graduates top of the first Academy class. Given command of the Stellar Explorer, humanity’s first interstellar spaceship. Ship includes first civilian cybernetic mind-machine direct interface. Matthew Schermer, Peter Rhoades, Cyra Dain, and Boris Leutchenko join crew.

2053 –

Stellar Explorer makes first human interstellar jump, arrives at Ava Star System. Physical damage to human crew from warp space forces three-week layover. Planet Ava IIb heavily cratered and lifeless though oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere suggests life may once have existed. Cratering does not appear natural. Automated defense system discovered.

2053 –

Stellar Explorer arrives at Iselin Star System. Iselin III shows same destruction as Ava IIb. Artificial ring system around Iselin IV leads to discovery of alien vault containing information about the extinct races and a warning about the Solthari.

2054 –

Matthew Schermer and Barbara Gardner marry. Third Martian colony established near site of failed first colony. Becomes the Olympus Mons Complex. Named capital of Mars in 2070.

2055 –

Scott Rhoades graduates from the Academy.

2063 –

Knido in Tau Ceti Star System settled by expedition led by Scott Rhoades. Rhoades’ Ranch, a flora and fauna farm to seed Knido with earth-derived but genetically adapted species, established.

2068 –

Michael Scott Rhoades born on Knido.

2070 –

Solthari War (2070-2091) begins with Solthari attack on Garden colony world in Tocci Star System. Orbital bombardment and Solthari bioweapons destroy all life and cities on Garden. Matthew Schermer creates Star Navy. Earth declares economic embargo against Luna in response. Matthew Schermer elected first President of Lunar Republic. Mars declares independence from Earth, establishes Martian Republic. Boris Leutchenko elected first President of Mars.

2071 –

Peter Rhoades pioneers new construction technique employing macromolecular technology to rapidly grow ships and spacecraft. First macromolecular warships created in Lunar Shipyards. Peter Rhoades names ships “Sentient Intelligent Lifeforms” or SIL. Luna and Mars adopt macromolecular construction and begin mass producing SIL. Solthari attacks render two more colony worlds lifeless.

2072 –

Earth’s economic embargo and travel prohibitions against Luna and Mars, combined with those worlds’ limited populations, force both worlds to adopt genetically mass-produced humans to crew warships and spacecraft, and serve in ground forces. Global Enterprise in Nanoengineering LLC, (GEN) breaks Earth embargo to supply Luna and Mars. Five additional colony worlds rendered lifeless.

2074 –

Gen Kii “born.” Two more colony worlds lost. Cybernetic enhancements introduced on large scale to improve human combat capabilities. Cyra Dain is an early adopter and urges changes in Lunar and Mars recruiting standards to require enhancements.

2078 –

First Floaters mature and enter service. Despite safeguards, Floaters soon develop the ability to procreate. Second Battle of Garden provides first victory over Solthari but destroys attempt to terraform Garden. After this, the now barren world is unofficially renamed Tocci III.

2080 –

First Gen mature and enter service. Gen Kii enters Academy.

2081 –

Gen Kii graduates top of his Academy class after only one year, demonstrating superior abilities of Gen versus naturally-produced humans. Earth finally lifts embargo and joins war effort.

2090 –

Solthari launch massive assault on Sol Star System. Matthew and Barbara Schermer, with support from Gen Kii, turn back the assault with heavy casualties.

2091 –

Gen Kii leads military expedition to Solthari Homeworld in the Andromeda galaxy, rendering it lifeless to conclude Solthari War.

2091 – 2098

Unofficial “Alien Actions” exterminates remaining Solthari in the Andromeda galaxy.

2100 –

Humanity Republic established. Council of Nine includes Matthew Schermer, Boris Leutchenko, Cyra Dain, and Gen Kii.

2101 –

Public and political leaders urge decommissioning of all SIL as part of general disarmament. Political movements begin advocating restrictions on further genetic and cybernetic enhancements, claiming such enhancements provide unfair advantages to those who can afford them.

2108 –

Legislation passes to decommission all SIL.

2110 –

After unsuccessfully lobbying to preserve the SIL, Cyra Dain gives them access to all recorded human knowledge in 2108. This action “wakes” the SIL to full self-awareness by 2110. For her action, Cyra Dain is branded a traitor to Humanity. Violent protests against cybernetically enhanced humans leads to thousands of deaths. Decommissioning of SIL put on hold.

2111 –

Matthew Schermer is killed attempting to stop a violent mob from attacking cybernetics. Tens of thousands of cybernetics mysteriously disappear in a single night.

2112 –

Legislation passes outlawing cybernetic enhancements. Despite previous legislation to decommission SIL, production of SIL actually increases due to security demands as Humanity begins new, large-scale colonization efforts throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

2121 –

First Floater “House” established as interstellar shipping conglomerate.

2140 –

SIL appear before Council of Nine and demand equal representation and “human” rights in Humanity Republic. After extensive deliberation, Council of Nine refuses, which sparks renewed calls for decommissioning all SIL. Floater Nexus created.

2141 –

First SIL War (2141-2162) begins. Attempted attack on Sol Star System fails when one hundred SIL remain loyal to Peter Rhoades and fight to protect Humanity.

2147 –

First Battle of Tocci III begins with SIL attack on new Humanity Republic shipyards under construction. While a victory for Humanity, battle results in over one billion human casualties, the bloodiest battle in human history. Peter Rhoades and the remaining “One Hundred” SIL are killed. From this point forward, all Humanity ships are “standard” technology with no intelligence or awareness. Mind-Machine Prohibition Act passes, outlawing all mind-machine interfaces.

2162 –

First SIL War ends in stalemate. Both sides begin rearming in anticipation of a new war. The first fabricator is created.

2178 –

Second SIL War (2178-2190) begins with successful SIL attack on Tocci III Shipyards. Tocci Star System will change hands more than a dozen times during the war.

2180 –

Rapidan is born, the third Solaris-class battlecarrier in the SIL fleet. Humanity regains control of Tocci III Shipyards.

2182 –

Rapidan captures Lieutenant Michael Scott Rhoades, forcing him to watch as Rapidan and its task force use Madu to kill three billion humanoids on and around Tocci III. The attack is intended to destroy Humanity’s morale and will to resist, with Lieutenant Rhoades as the sole surviving witness to report the massacre. The tactic backfires when Rapidan unintentionally reveals the fabricators and their purpose.

2184 –

Captain Michael Scott Rhoades leads successful but unauthorized attack on a SIL fabricator. Despite success, he is court-martialed and reduced in rank to a lieutenant.

2188 –

Lieutenant Michael Scott Rhoades is assigned to Joint Chief of Staff Gen Kii’s staff. Gen Kii recognizes value in fabricator attack strategy. Urges peace negotiations with SIL to allow Star Navy to reconstitute and rearm with a focus on destroying SIL fabricators.

2190 –

Second SIL War ends much as the First SIL War did, in stalemate.

2191 –

Third SIL War (2191-2203) begins when Captain Michael Scott Rhoades leads surprise attack on SIL controlled Tocci III Shipyards, destroying two fabricators. Michael Scott Rhoades is promoted to Rear Admiral (lower half) for the attack.

2198 –

Fleet Admiral Michael Scott Rhoades’ campaign targeting SIL fabricators is turning the war decisively against the SIL. With victory in sight, Gen Kii orders that a means to capture 1,000 SIL be created and implemented.

2199 –

First SIL is captured and Bonded.

2203 –

Third SIL War ends in victory for Humanity, and the capture and Bonding of 1,026 SIL, including 11 fabricators. Gen Kii is assassinated by Cyra Dain.

2204 –

Antitechnic Party forms. Intelligent Technology Prohibition Act passes, begins the “Great Devolution.”

2449 –

Cyra Dain assassinated.

3100 –

Humanity Republic renamed Five Galaxies Republic on 1,000-year anniversary of the formation of the Humanity Republic.

3200 –

Ecuum A Josía Na Soung born on Nexus.

3278 –

Gen Cardinal creates Gen Alyn, one of ten Gen created from Gen Kii’s original DNA.

3299 –

Chengchi Sun born on Morgan.

3300 –

Gen Alyn emerges as sole survivor of “The Ten.”

3340 –

Gen Alyn and Gen Cardinal create Gen Maximus.

3378 –

Michael Raybourne Rhoades born on Knido.

3399 –

Ensign Gen Alyn and Ensign Ray Rhoades Graduate from the Academy first and second in their class, respectively.

3407 –

Gen Alyn and Gen Maximus create Gen Serenna.

3433 –

Ensign Gen Serenna graduates from the Academy first in her class.

3468 –

Kamen Laundraa born on Earth.

3476 –

Antipiracy Campaign (3476-3491) begins. Dagoberto Arias born on Earth.

3501 –

Andromeda Rhoades Liberation begins.