Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From our family to you and yours, wishing you a festive holiday season with family and friends, and our best wishes for a great new year!

I’ve been a bad boy. The internet says that blog posts should be made every two weeks, at a minimum, and it’s been 6 weeks since my last one. Bad Mark. 😊 It has been a very busy 6 weeks, though. I’m learning a lot about being a self-published author and, I must admit, I am both overwhelmed and having a great time. This is Awesome! (Yes, people have accused me of being just a little weird.)

So, the month of November confirmed that my current cover isn’t getting people to click on the book. I had about 19,000 “impressions” (number of times my Amazon Ads were shown) in November, only 14 clicks, and 1 sale. Therefore, I decided to hire a new cover artist, and this time I went “A List.” I just received the first draft of the new cover art for Andromeda Rhoades Liberation: The Local War (Book 1) and it is amazing. I can’t wait to finish it up and get it on the book. I know an author shouldn’t say this, but if you’re thinking of buying the book, wait for the new cover art. It’s worth it. Looking mid to late January for that. I also hired the artist to do the cover for Andromeda Rhoades Firestorm: The Local War (Book 2).

Yes, that’s right, I’ve finished writing Andromeda Rhoades Firestorm: The Local War (Book 2) and I am currently in the editing and quality assurance stage. One thing about self-publishing is that all the things a traditional publisher would do for an author, the author must do themselves (or hire), and I believe in providing a quality product. Current target for publishing is mid-February. I’ll provide the publication date once I get everything firmed up. It even contains a scene from Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility: The Local War (Book 3), which is currently in draft.

I’ll post a new blog in the next week entitled, “Macromolecular Technology: What is it?” that explains the concepts behind the major technology used in my universe.

That’s all for now. Have an Awesome day!

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