Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility: The Local War (Book 3) Update

Hello from Colorado! Been working diligently on Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility: The Local War (Book 3). I’m 120 pages into what I anticipate will be about a 400-page novel.

I wanted to thank those of you who’ve purchased my books! Very much appreciated. Publishing Andromeda Rhoades Firestorm: The Local War (Book 2) led many of you to purchase Andromeda Rhoades Liberation: The Local War (Book 1). I’m hoping that publishing Tranquility, which will complete the first “triplet” of the nine-book series, will have a similar effect. Many of the story arcs begun in Liberation will finish in Tranquility, opening more story arcs that will carry forward into the second and third triplets. Even I like to wait until a series has at least three books before jumping in.

I’ll be talking with Steve Stone tomorrow to begin work on the cover art for Andromeda Rhoades Tranquility. His artwork is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what he creates for Tranquility.

Have an Awesome day! Talk to you soon.

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